Float Black - Hobbes Crystal


Green Revo

  • The bundle consists of our FLOAT in black and high contrast XE2 lens, which let's you see things usually not visible to the normal eye. An overcast lense and hard case box is included.

    To make it even better we add our bestseller model Hobbes which has a lightweight and extremely flexible frame. The lenses are very soothing for the eye, you can wear them for hours and still feel comfortable! Of course, it comes with full UV400 protection.

この商品の売り上げの一部は、NGO ProArtsoに寄付され、海洋プラスチックゴミ回収活動に役立てられます。



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全商品を対象とし、売り上げの一部をNGO ProArtso(プロアルツォ)に寄付します。サングラス・ゴーグルをお買い上げいただくと、ProArtsoの実施する太平洋の海洋ゴミ回収の活動支援につながります。

Float Black - Hobbes Crystal - Green Revo