By partnering with Plastic Change and ReSea Project, every purchase of MessyWeekend sunglasses or goggles contributes to the cleanup of ocean plastic pollution.

Our Impact So Far

We've partnered with ReSea Project and Plastic Change in the fight against the ocean plastic crisis.
For every pair of sunglasses or goggles sold, we contribute part of our revenue to facilitate the clean up of the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles from our oceans.

So far in MessyWeekend history we have helped remove over 230 tons of ocean plastic!

Meet our three clean oceans partners

ReSea Project

ReSea Project is a community-driven cleanup solution that employs people in local communities to recover ocean plastic waste. This not only improves the livelihoods of the cleanup team & their families, but it also supports better waste management while raising awareness of the issue at the source.

Once the plastic waste is recovered it is sorted, bagged, tagged and delivered to local waste banks to be distributed for recycling & waste handling purposes.

Check out our impact with ReSea Project so far!
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Plastic Change

Plastic Change is a Danish environmental organization on a mission to reduce single-use plastic production and consumption. They work to influence the public, industries and politics with the ambitious aim of becoming a sustainable zero waste society. With accreditation to the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA), they are able to affect real political change.

For every MW purchase, we donate part of the revenue to the fight against plastic pollution.


We initially partnered with 4THEPLANET (formerly PROARTSO), who organize volunteer-driven beach cleanups in Colombia, as well as raising awareness & educating the local community on the plastic issue. Together we were building organizational structures for a full-circle waste management system.

As we grew, so did our ambitions for plastic cleanup. Since then we have expanded our partnerships to ensure that every purchase makes an impact on our ocean cleanup mission.

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Long-term change

We're fully aware that collecting trash isn't a long-term solution to the issue of pollution. We need to inspire permanent change by creating a sustainable waste management system, as well as reducing the production of plastic in the first place. That’s why we partner with a range of organisations that tackle different stages of the plastic cycle.